Day 1 Travelling to Prague

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Today, is finally the day that the highly anticipated Czech Republic study trip officially began. This story starts with a ringing alarm and a few exhausted moans on a rainy night from Sunday to Monday at around 5 o’clock in the morning, this was due to the first excursion of the week, Tennet, which would take place at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

All the super motivated, but still tired because of less than a half night of sleep, students arrived at 5.45 am at the electrical engineering building, Flux, on the university campus.  Two spacious vans which will escort us all around the beautiful Czech Republic already stood there.

Everyone was desperate to leave. But before we could head for the road, the Spolu t-shirts and participants guides were distributed among the attendees. Unfortunately the Spolu committee had some tiny problems with the printing of the guides. Half an hour later we divided over both vans and finally left, while being afraid for being too late at the excursion to Tennet.

Exiting the university campus we all silently said good bye to the exquisite view of the typical wet Monday morning dew on the very common front lawns. With only a quick glance to the past, we settled our focus on the upcoming life changing study trip.

Most students, who were not driving nor navigating, had the preference of getting some sleep due to the early wake up. Only a few who could not close their eyes listened some music, like the complete discography of Rammstein. Over the course of time some students woke up and read some wicked stories on their e-books or made the first attempt in knitting.

Of course every so now and then the drivers were switched and a snack could be consumed in the small breaks which could take up to 15 minutes due to the inefficient management of the committee. But no worries, this lost time was easily made up by driving a stunning 120km/h on the German high way.

Somehow very surprised we arrived too early at Tennet. (One van arrived even 8 minutes before the other.) After waiting outside the catering on a set of pick nick tables the committee finally got word of the state of business concerning the excursion. Due to some unfortunate miscommunication we arrived at the wrong facility. After some ferocious management and help of the present secretary lady, the committee arranged an unplanned meeting with the PR.

A fun fact: unlike the conventional dress code of a suite with tie, we were now all dressed in the Spolu t-shirt we received this morning.

In the catering we received some drinks and half an hour later we finally got a talk with the PR. We also received goody bags which included of a map with high voltage lines. With the map we were able to ask various very specific question. In the end we made a picture.

And off we went to the Czech Republic. At the border we had a small break to tank some diesel and to buy a leaflet.

After a long way we finally arrived in Praha (Prague). We easily found the hostel, but the problem was finding parking. The vans dropped us off with our luggage and then went of to the parking. After first using the wrong address they finally found it and made it back to the hostel. After a small break we headed out for dinner. With bad directions from the hostel we ended in the wrong restaurant, but it was cheap.

After a well deserved dinner with several half liters of Czech beer we gave a small generous tip and eventually headed back to the hostel.

At the hostel, some people got some rest while others decided to venture the mystical city of Praha.


By Yuk Hang and Jeffrey