Since 2011 our department offers not only of the course Electrical Engineering but also the program Automotive. Recently we moved to the new building Flux, which we have to share with the department of Applied Physics. These developments stress out that working together becomes more and more important, as innovation in technology cannot be realized by staying in your own area of expertise. That working together with people from different backgrounds is important can also be seen in the industry. Our university has close relations with companies and other universities abroad. Finding a name for this trip was easily done. Spolu, which means together in Czech, became the result of the brainstorming, because of the current emphasis on ‘working together’. Students from both Automotive and Electrical Engineering will visit Czech Republic, to see how that working together is also important in our field abroad. The logo also has to fit within the theme of working together. A way to visualize working together is by hands that hold each other. Therefor our logo consists of hands that hold each other in front of the flag of the Czech Republic.