Day 2: Skoda, PALS and IPP

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Did you know that:

  • Hair clip corners in Praha may or may not be taken at 50 km/h?
  • Our guide at Skoda will be fired at least 5 times before Saturday, so told us so :D?
  • The Skoda plant is 2,2 km squared?
  • Monaco is only 1.9 km squared?
  • The above means that the Skoda plant area is bigger than Monaco?
  • This list has been made in our heads during the thrilling bus drive?
  • The navigator systems in Praha are useless?
  • The Czech Republic don’t know speed bumps, because of the quality of the roads?
  • In the Czech Republic they are more advanced because they have a KFC drive true?
  • You will get serious burns if you stand in front of a TW laser?
  • Niels is able to drive a mini van like a go-kart?
  • Steven followed him fearing for his own life?
  • The wine bottles that Jeroen anxiously tried to handle with care yesterday barely survived?
  • You are now half way through the Tuesday- ‘ did you know little thats’ ?
  • The entire Spolu committee did not know that the FOM has a nuclear fusion lab just behind the Flux building?
  • The rest of the Tuesday Did You Know Litttle Thats is written by Indy?
  • Marcella has marvelous singing skills?
  • Because of these singing skills people were happy to be with Frank in our mini van?
  • There were seperate seats for mothers in law at the Skoda plant?
  • Food is really cheap in the Czech Republic?
  • Frank is really load?
  • If you say too much at Skoda you will get fired?
  • Team leaders at Skoda shave their heads (inlcuding woman)?
  • Employees at Skoda regularly go drinking on quiet zones of the factory ground? They even organize funerals there!
  • It takes about 24 hours to produce a car?
  • About 12 hours of that is spend printing the car?
  • To speed up the belt by assembly line by reducing working time by one second Skoda had to hire 30 people to do the extra work?
  • Skoda is owned by Volkswagen since 1991 (or something like that)?
  • Skoda produced a better jeep than the Russians during communist occupation but they were forced to by Russian jeeps?
  • Skoda made beautiful expensive car concepts which were banned by Volkswagen because they would compete with Audi?
  • They have a really car which burned through 1 motor per 2 rails?
  • The lowest employees earn about 800 euros per month which is roughly equal to the rent so the families need two persons to work, while the boss of Volkswagen earns about 17.000.000 per year?
  • Their rally car was too expensive so Volkswagen cancelled it and put Skoda in a cheaper league where they win a lot due to a lack of competition?
  • The laser we saw today at PALS was special due to the high frequency and high voltage?
  • There are 3 methods to heat plasma: by microwave, by neutron beam and by applying magneting fields?


By Indy, Iulian and Tom